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Assistant Professor, Saad Al Hasani Al-Esraa University College Baghdad - Iraq

Romeo and Juliet is always handled as a poetic work that resides mainly on poetry rather than drama. This concept is apparently based on borrowing from “Romeus & Juliata” an Italian well-known poem that had been attired a dramatic clothing by William Shakespeare. Accordingly, all poetic elements were maintained although Romeo and Juliet was rather presented as a drama that spoke up vehemently and effectively to an emotion-thrilled audience. Precisely, the use of imagery was the main and pivotal point around which the entirety of the play seems to revolve. Indeed, the over-use of imagery has made the play waver precariously between drama and poetry without undermining any. Shakespeare, manipulating his dramatic and poetic talents, managed brilliantly to offset the two genres to serve this outstanding piece.